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The Author

Author Narielle Living spent her childhood in the small town of Watertown, CT, with a Virginian mother and Yankee father. School spring breaks were spent driving to Richmond, VA for family visits, a torturous nine hours where she and her brothers pushed, shoved, whined and generally annoyed their parents. Once they got to Virginia, Narielle spent many hours trying to understand the Southern drawl and figure out what other kids were saying to her. She often gave up and simply nodded her head before slinking away to another room to read.

Photo: Summer vacations were often spent at Cape Cod, MA. I loved going to the Cape and spending the day at the beach.


Narielle’s artistic career first began at the age of six, when she was enrolled in ballet, tap and jazz dance lessons. Like others at The Children’s Dance Workshop, she received many trophies, certificates and flashy dance costumes to showcase her time there. Because she enjoyed dance so much, she later enrolled in movement classes with Gabrielle Roth to explore different techniques. Narielle developed and taught a movement and meditation class for a theater in Stony Creek, CT, where she also spent time performing and directing.

Photo: My early dance experience included a performance to the theme song from Star Wars. I cannot tell you how much I loved those silver foil things as they swooshed around me when I jumped and spun.



Narielle began writing at a very early age and was also a voracious reader. Thankfully her parents never censored what she read, so she was able to read Stephen King at the age of 10 without having to hide under the covers with a flashlight. Throughout her childhood, Narielle’s brother Louis told her she had to start writing her stories down. He said this mostly because as her babysitter he was held hostage to the tales she used to weave (non-stop) about anything and everything. He was probably hoping a pen and paper would minimize the chatter.

Photo: My brother Louis reading. According to him, he has waited forty years for my first book.

Today, Narielle is a regularly featured writer for the Hampton Roads magazines Next Door Neighbor and Guest Speaker, and has published hundreds of articles for online sites such as and She also writes for the ebook publisher Hyperink. Her mysteries , Signs of the South and Past Unfinished, are available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. She is a member of the Mystery Writers of America, Chesapeake Bay Writers, and the James York Writers. A former massage therapist, she also studied Philosophy and Religion. Narielle lives in southeastern Virginia and is currently working on her third and fourth books simultaneously.

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